Urban Planning

We offer comprehensive consultancy services in urban planning in components such as city development plans, physical planning, urban transport and spatial analysis using GIS mapping tools.


We adopt a multi disciplinary approach to architectural design aiming to create contextual and built environments. We believe that a building has to be congruous with its immediate and larger context. Our design philosophy involves out of the box thinking and looking at design as a lateral process encompassing environment, structure and services as important components.

Interior Design

We believe in looking at interior design projects more like creating ambiences through a collage of materials, colours and textures. We offer design and build services in interior design and have a skilled team that translates our designs onto the site with perfection.


We provide landscape design consultancy services that involve detailed design solutions for all formats of developments such as residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality. We approach landscape design as a confluence of vernacular material and plants that respond to the local climate and context, to create a seamless fusion of the built environment into the open.