Archpod’s Office

Our own office has been designed in a way to reflect our firm’s design philosophy of creating vibrant environments through use of colours. Colours, motifs and frames have been used to create very interesting vistas at any given location in the office..

Ravi Group, Ahmedabad

We approached this project with a concept of creating vibrant work zones within the office that were strongly bound by well defined lines, planes, colours and textures. A lot of importance was given to the views and vistas that one would get while moving around in the office and while working. The focus of the renovation was also to bring in lot of natural light to conserve energy during day time, and hence glass screens have been used. To strengthen this thought, the base colour for the entire office was chosen as white, with a splash of bold colours used selectively.

Triveni Buildcon, Ahmedabad

The interiors for this marketing office were evolved out of a white pallete juxtaposed with wooden textures to create an elegance that connected the various work spaces within the office.

J.M.Hirani Associates, Ahmedabad

White surfaces combined with a dash of orange and muted greys and blacks created a vibrant work environment for this management consultant’s office.

Asahi Modi Materials, Ahmedabad

The interiors play with the colour of the company logo; blue, by using it to create interesting collages of white and blue

Institute of Town Planners of India, Ahmedabad

The design focuses on creating a formal corporate ambience by using rustic pastel shades and textures in wall paints and laminates

Office for Shri R.M.Patel, BJP MLA, Ahmedabad

The concept was to create visually segregated work spaces which are seperated using glass partitions, with the use of colour to create points of interest

Gusto’s Pizza, Dubai

The approach here is to create a funfilled ambience vibrant with colours, given the recreational nature of the pizza joint. The colours have been derived from the components that go into making a pizza

Ice Cream Joint, Dubai

The design adapts from the swirly nature of an ice cream and translates the same into ceiling patterns and wall colours.

Bungalow at Dakor, Gujarat

The interiors involved using earthen pastel textures and colours to create a soothing ambience within the residence..

Residence at Satellite, Ahmedabad

The design proposes to create a unique fusion of colours and textures using clean straight lines, with lighting designed to create a soothing ambience.

Bungalow at Sughad, Ahmedabad

The interiors involved using earthen pastel textures and colours to create a soothing ambience within the residence.

Shop Interiors, Ahmedabad

The design tries to play with wall undulations and surfaces, and skewed motifs which manifest themselves on the shop facades and walls.

Sample Apartment-3BHK, Zahra, Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad

We have used earthen pastels and specially customised metal motifs to create an ethnic ambience. The accesories were carefully chosen to gel with this ambience.

Business Centre, C.G.Road, Ahmedabad

Duplex Residence, Law Garden, Ahmedabad

Sample Apartment-2BHK, Zahra, Ahmedabad

Residence, Ozone Aangan, Ahmedabad

Residence, Satellite, Ahmedabad

Office, Ahmedabad

Bunglow, Paldi, Ahmedabad

Bunglow, Paldi, Ahmedabad